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Engaging Science Students Through Independence and Ownership | Megan Seifert | TEDxTahoeCity
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Added Oct 6, 2016
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What's wrong with this paradigm? Secondary school math, English, and foreign language students learn by doing, while science students learn about what's already been done in their field. What if, instead, we could give students real, hands on experience with scientific research as early as elementary school? Megan Seifert explores an idea that could revolutionize science education: using children's curiosity to drive their involvement in open ended research.

Meg Seifert is the executive director of Headwaters Science Institute; a 501c3 non-profit that creates opportunities for students to conduct original scientific research and pursue answers through authentic field experiences. She holds a PhD in zoology from Washington State University and a BS from Davidson College in North Carolina. Meg has worked for nine years in the field of environmental education. She has a passion for science and the outdoors and hopes to bring real inquiry based science to students across the US. In her free time Megan enjoys Nordic skiing, running, water, volunteering, and playing with her two kids Mari and Griffin in the Sierra.

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