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Engineering my Struggle - A First World Problem | Shama Sukul-Lee | TEDxTauranga
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Added Oct 6, 2016
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Shama Lee believes that living close to the sun enhances your life. This was one of her foundational truths that emerged after experiencing a truly first world crisis. Shama's plan, to reduce stress on the planet and animals, involves a shift to plant-based protein production, in a form that fools the consumer into thinking it is chicken.

Shama's list of achievements had a number of boxes ticked; life was good.

However, a shadow of doubt crept into her heart and mind which eventuated in her leaving her cosy existence as a successful software engineer for a life of self-imposed exile. There she contemplated, what was it she could contribute to the world? A first world crisis.

Shama's solitude resulted in a determination to follow her passion and find peas! Her food technology start-up manufactures a sophisticated, cheap, novel pea protein to make a vegetable based alternatives to chicken. One you can sink your teeth into!

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