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Essentialism - | Calvin Tsao 曹慰祖 | TEDxShanghai
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Added Oct 5, 2016
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“We have to understand the ‘we’ in the ‘I,’ so we can be a better ‘I’ to the ‘we.’"

TEDxShanghai May 2016
theme : Balance

Calvin Tsao 曹慰祖
In his roles at Tsao & McKown and Octave, Calvin Tsao seeks to create buildings and environments that actively participate in their ever-changing contexts. Through a synthesis of science and philosophy, design and culture, technology and ecology, business and non-profit sectors, he forges a multidisciplinary approach to architecture and development that works toward a harmonious, purposeful, and sustainable society.
This wealth of inspiration informs what Calvin believes to be a central purpose of architecture: to create physical spaces that provide utility and shape psychologies, behaviors, and values. The functions and forms of architecture constantly rebalance according to the needs, identities, and contexts that shape our dynamic world – past, present, and future.

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