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Evolution & Creationism: Reframing the Controversy | Rafael Rivero | TEDxUPR
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Added Jul 21, 2016
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When Charles Darwin first published “On the Origin of Species,” he was met with equal parts praise and backlash from the scientific and religious camps around him. Over 150 years have come and gone and it seems as though not much has changed in regards to the controversy. What was Charles and his wife Emma Darwins’ secret to weathering the storm around them and reconciling their own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs with each other?

Cuando Charles Darwin publicó "El origen de las especies", se encontró con partes iguales de alabanza y contragolpe de los campos científicos y religiosos a su alrededor. Más de 150 años han pasado y parece que no ha cambiado mucho en lo que respecta a la controversia. ¿Cuál era secreto de Charles y su esposa, Emma, para sobrepasar la tormenta entre ellos y la conciliación de sus pensamientos, sentimientos y creencias entre sí?

First and foremost, Rafael Rivero is a lover of the natural world. He acquired a Zoology degree from Colorado State University while also delving into Earth Sciences through coursework and an exploratory geologic study with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. It was during this time that he became interested in scientific literacy and communication, penning Op-Eds for The Rocky Mountain Collegian, training in Spanish-English translation and interpretation, and being awarded a travel scholarship to conduct interviews at the Creation Museum for his capstone documentary project on public discourse involving Evolution and Creationism.

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