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Explore the World with Curiosity | 德浩 簡 | TEDxCYCU
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Added Aug 30, 2016
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With the curiosity, he finds out the power to change the world. Through applying his own specialty as a bilateral interpreter, he builds up the bridge of communication for the scholars in different fields and people from different countries. He believes in the changing and influencing power of curiosity not only in the self but also in the world.

There are three stories about his life that expresses the idea of curiosity. First, because of his curiosity, he participated in the Super Idol oversea audition. Although the result did not come out as he thought,
at least he tried then realized it wasn’t what he loved. Second, in the sophomore
period, he applied for the Disney International College student program and got a part-time job in the largest Disney souvenir shop in the world. Without his
curiosity, he will never find out the way how Disney made the best customer
experiences. Without his curiosity, he would have never realized that language is just the tool of communication. He then got the highest point in TOEFL and even learnt German language. All of these facets of his life were propelled by his curiosity.

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