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Eyes as a Window to Your Health | Melissa Hunfalvay | TEDxFoggyBottom
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Added Jul 6, 2016
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After playing tennis professionally for years, Melissa Hunfalvay developed an eye tracking program to help athletes improve their skill. But the software can tell us more than just where to hit a ball. Melissa's program teaches us about military and police officer training, and shows us that ADHD problems may be more sight related than we think. Check out Melissa's story on the TEDxFoggyBottom stage.

Dr. Melissa Hunfalvay is a former professional athlete, coach, and scientist. Originally from Australia, Melissa came to the United States, played college tennis and then played on the professional tennis circuit. She was the youngest female coach in NCAA1 history and was part of a team ranked number one in the world for coaching staff. After completing her doctorate in kinesiology (sport science and psychology) from the University of Virginia, Melissa consulted for over a decade, using eye tracking technology and building technological solutions for athletes, military personnel, clinicians and others for the purposes of assessing and improving performance.

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