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Families: do something to plan for death | Don Frankenfeld & Lindsay Frankenfeld | TEDxRapidCity
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Added Aug 24, 2016
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Many of us like to think our parents are immortal, but 100% of us will die. Don Frankenfeld discusses actionable steps with his daughter Lindsay to plan for both of their eventual deaths.

Sixty-eight-year-old forensic economist Don Frankenfeld testifies in court nationwide as a financial expert. Don developed a special economic loss model for use by claimants to the Federal September 11th Victim Compensation Fund, and ultimately testified on behalf of victims more frequently than any other witness. He served in the South Dakota state senate from 1977—1984, chairing the tax committee for six years. Don was named a Bush Leadership Fellow in 1987, and became the Republican nominee for Congress in 1990, although South Dakotans voted overwhelmingly for his opponent. The Rapid City Journal later fired him as a regular columnist for insubordination. Don is a member of the Civic Center board, and serves as informal financial advisor to St. Martin Monastery. He is a graduate of Yale College, Harvard Business School, and Harvard’s Kennedy School. Don and Jean Frankenfeld have two adult children, Lindsay and David.

Rapid City native Lindsay Frankenfeld is a Startup Community advocate and volunteer. Also, she is a teacher of English as a Second Language, freelance grant writer, UX/UI Designer, Brewery Associate at Miner’s, and former public radio reporter. A love for Western South Dakota brought Lindsay back home after 10 years away, attending college in Portland, Oregon, teaching English in Hokkaido, Japan, and marrying (and divorcing) a guy from Denver. She treasures the people she’s met and skills she has learned, particularly as a Fjord’s Ice Cream server, and as a journalist -- reporting and editing, taking photos, doing layout, folding newspapers for delivery, and taking out the trash, for the Todd County Tribune, and then working for South Dakota Public Broadcasting radio. Lindsay received a state Associated Press Best Feature Award in 2009 and a regional Edward R. Murrow Award in 2010

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