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"Fashion+Craftsmanship+Technology=TechCouturism | Cristiano Carciani | TEDxUPR
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Added Jul 19, 2016
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“TechCouturism” promotes benefits to talented and innovative designers, taking advantage of popular interest toward technology and fashion. Carciani will elaborate about a tendency that consists of the utilization of modern mechanics and haute couture. Ultimately, to explain this cultural phenomenon, he proposes the use of the neologism TechCouturism.

“TechCouturism” brinda una oportunidad a diseñadores talentosos e innovadores con un interés hacia la tecnología y la moda. Carciani elaborará sobre una tendencia que consiste en la utilización de mecanismos modernos y alta costura. Para explicar este fenómeno cultural, Carciani propone el uso del neologismo TechCouturism.

Cristiano Carciani studied Haute Couture at the Accademia Koefia, Italy, and holds a Master in Arts Administration from the Universidad del Turabo. He works at the International School of Design and Architecture (EIDA), Universidad del Turabo, as Design Department’s Director and as full-time professor for the Fashion Design Program.

His Italian origins and academic background, together with the creative experience in Textile Art and Non-wearable Art, took him to adopt experimentation and exploration as basic design tools and successful teaching methodology. Carciani’s multidisciplinary approach led him to found STEMplusD in 2013 (with Arch. Aurorisa Mateo): a design concept that aims to enhance the importance of progressive integration between STEM and design disciplines.

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