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Fighting Superbugs in the Venezuelan Savanna | Hosam Zowawi | TEDxUQ
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Added Sep 2, 2016
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Hosam Zowawi talks about his experiences from his recent expedition to the Imawri Yeuta cave in the Venezuela Grand Savanna. Through his encounters as a traveller, Zowawi explores the issue of antibiotic resistant superbugs and how his latest expedition has contributed to solving this issue. His talk will encompass the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration, the power of communication and networking, the opportunities that you may achieve when you step out of your comfort zone to explore the unknown, and the changes one can create to contribute in solving the world’s biggest issues.

Hosam Zowawi, PhD is a clinical microbiologist interested in hospital-acquired infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria (aka, superbugs). Hosam and his team at The University of Queensland, Centre for Clinical Research have initiated the first region-wide surveillance program to monitor the spread and emergence of superbugs in the Gulf States. Their work is acting as an important piece of the puzzle to complete the global picture of antimicrobial resistance and be the foundation for an active ongoing surveillance in the GCC states and beyond.

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