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Finding Your True Calling | Vikramjit Singh | TEDxSSCBS
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Added Jun 29, 2016
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In this whole new-age social-media led environment of ‘doing what you love’, how do you find what your true calling is? Does it even exist? How do you know if an idea or profession is worth persisting with? Perspectives on that and more, from a guy who studied engineering, worked in advertising and is now a Stand Up Comedian.

An engineer by education, Vikramjit Singh is a Delhi- based Stand Up Comedian. He is an ex- Advertising guy and now a writer and a comedian. The ability to make anyone laugh through his wit makes his humour rib tickling. His spontaneity is the most attractive aspect of his overall holistic personality. He used to be a nice guy. Then he became angry and when he couldn't get any angrier, he became funnyand has never looked back since. He has been featured as one of NDTV's 'Rising Stars of Comedy', and recently won the 'Radio One LoL championships' in Delhi. He’s a regular performer with The Comedy Store and writes a regular column with The Times of India, called ‘Why so serious’.Vikramjit’s sharp comedy makes people laugh while talking about sensitive topics.

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