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Flatfoot Dancing | Thomas Maupin, Daniel Rothwell and Overall Creek | TEDxGreensboro
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Added Jul 7, 2016
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There are many styles of "folk" dancing, particularly throughout the South. The differences among clogging, flatfoot, and others are demonstrated by Overall Creek.

Maurine, Rothwell and Overall Creek are national “buckdancing” champions. Buckdancing, a form of solo percussive dancing is uniquely American but has influences from traditional European, African, and Native American dances. Although often confused with clogging and tapdancing, buckdancing predates both styles. Thomas Maupin is six-time national champion in Old-Time Buckdancing. His grandson, Daniel Rothwell, is an award winning banjo player. They have performed widely including the Grand Ole Opry, Merlefest, and the National Folk Festival.

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