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Food As A Religion | Adam Melonas | TEDxCambridge
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Added Jun 22, 2016
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What if there was no such thing as junk food and when did food become an extremist religion? Adam Melonas, CEO and Founder of Chew, explores these questions and what led to this divide between health food and junk food. He aims to pave the way towards a world where we can make decisions based on the simple question of "what flavor do I want?”

Adam Melonas is the CEO and founder of Chew, a food innovation lab that redefines what’s possible in the world of packaged food. Chew partners with companies of all sizes to create game-changing products that are not only delicious, but also radically more nutritious than anything else on the market, profitable, sustainable, and scalable. Adam is a veteran of the culinary world where he’s pushed the limits of experimental and progressive cuisine with restaurants in five countries.

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