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Foreign Language is Indispensable | Jillian Axelrod | TEDxUpperDublinED
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Added Aug 2, 2016
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American students are rarely proficient in a second language, few even study one at all-- and the proportion that do continues to drop over time, displaced by math and science. Yet, foreign language proficiency is an excellent predictor of academic success, and achievement in the workforce and beyond. Jillian Axelrod asks us why we don't study language, and how we can start.

Jillian Axelrod is interested in learning all about learning. Coming from a small Jewish school, she spent four years at Upper Dublin delving into language, writing, and music. After finishing her senior year at UDHS, she is beginning a project to explore personalized and project-based education, and to examine how different types of instruction can impact students, teachers, and communities. Next year, she will be continuing in the Joint Program at the Jewish Theological Seminary at Columbia University.

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