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Free Your Inner Activist | George Batah | TEDxUChicago
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Added Jul 4, 2016
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Growing up in Syria, George led a normal, peaceful childhood until the conflict started. Though he managed to move to the United States as part of an academic program in 2013, he never forgot his community back home. His inspiring tale - from creating a single petition to achieving policy change on the national level - reminds us that regardless of experience, anyone can "free their activist" for a cause they passionately believe in.

George Batah is a young professional and Syrian activist who moved to the U.S. from Damascus. He currently lives and works in Chicago. George actively advocates, speaks and fundraises for causes like Education, Humanitarian Relief and Women Empowerment. In 2015, he led a successful petition to increase the number of refugees admitted by the U.S. and was invited to speak at the White House about the cause. His work has been featured on CNN, Washington Post, The Atlantic, and Huffington Post among others. Eventually, his efforts led to the administration's decision to increase the refugee cap and humanitarian aid to Syria. George now writes regularly for the Huffington Post. He is also the co-founder of “Syrian Youths Empowerment”, an initiative to empower and help Syrian high school students in Syria and neighboring countries. George works closely with multiple NGOs and activists to further advance humanitarian and educational causes.

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