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Freestyle Rap | Kosha Dillz | TEDxKazimierz
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Added Aug 17, 2016
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Kosha Dillz shares his adventures with TEDxKazimierz about how Freestyle Rap has transformed his life from where he was with drug addiction and stints in prison to performance artist.

A 34 year old New Jersey born artist to Israeli parents and has landed himself in rap battles, jail cells, rehabs, video games, and world tours for millions of people. Not your typical story, Rami created the mantra of Kosha Dillz to keep his Jewishness alive when he felt his life had gone astray after multiple stints in jail and addiction. In the last few years he became one of the most sought out “jewish artists” in pop culture alongside Matisyahu Drake and more. He blends Hebrew and Spanish in his rhymes, writes lyrics about depression, recovery, addiction and understands the power of transformation through personal experience. After a trip to Kraków and Warsaw with his mother and great aunt to walk through the concentration camp, he filmed a music video and recorded a song about Kraków for his upcoming album "What I do all day and pickle". He has penned numerous articles for Billboard about experiences with anti-semitism, addiction and the Holocaust.

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