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Freezing Finance to Combat Climate Change | Kumi Naidoo | TEDxOccidentalCollege
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Added Jun 28, 2016
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Did the Paris Climate Agreement put us on a course to avert catastrophic climate change? Or are we much closer to the climate clock blowing up in our faces? Do we have still have time to go after every company which is driving forest and ocean destruction and expansion into ever riskier fossil fuel projects? Are we out of time (or almost out of time) and is it necessary now to follow the money and choke off the flow of capital to all carbon projects?

Hailing from South Africa, Kumi Naidoo is a lifelong advocate for human rights. Since age 15, when he was first involved in anti-apartheid activity, he has worked to end poverty and protect human rights through various organizations, such as the Helping Hands Youth Organization, the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, and Civicus. Most recently, he served as the international executive director of Greenpeace, holding the position from 2008 to 2015. At Greenpeace, Kumi worked to build alliances, and demonstrate the connection between climate change and women’s and human rights. He has also recently led the Global Call for Climate Action, an organization that brings partners together in order to protest against climate change on a massive scale. Kumi resigned from in December, 2015 Greenpeace in order to return to South Africa, and focus on his work on energy justice there.

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