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From America to Americas | Carlos Graupera | TEDxFranklin&MarshallCollege
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Added Jun 29, 2016
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President of the Spanish American Civic Association, Carlos Graupera, has launched multiple community development organizations for Latinos in Lancaster, PA. In noting the benefits that immigrants provide to their new home, Graupera discusses how Lancaster’s Latino population has been active in its own revitalization and success.

Carlos Graupera is the President of the Spanish American Civic Association and has been since its founding in 1973. During his tenure at SACA, his work has led him to do various important community development activities such as organizing the Centro Hispano in Lancaster, opening Nuestra Clinica bilingual mental health, drug, and alcohol outpatient clinic, and developing Nuestra Clinica Residencial, a Latino focused residential drug and alcohol treatment program for adult males. During his tenure with the organization, he has overseen the creation of SACA Development Corporation- a housing development corporation dedicated to home ownership opportunities for inner city residents. He was also the Chairman of the Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs.

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