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Fusing Genres With Beatbox | Omid Roohalfada | TEDxRBHigh
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Added Aug 2, 2016
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Music is always changing, shaped by driven musicians developing new sounds. Beatboxer and violinist Omid Rooholfada explores beatboxing's role in this shaping of music. He suggests that the combination of beatbox and other musical instruments will give birth to new genres of music in the coming years.

Believing that every moment should be taken advantage of, Omid fills his time with such diverse activities as Math Team, Orchestra, Science Olympiad, and Speech and Debate. Omid loves combining disciplines, striving to find the internal links that connect seemingly disparate fields like the humanities and the sciences. With this interdisciplinary mindset, Omid has worked hard to unite his classical skills on the violin with his love for beatboxing, creating a new sound. He has broadened his project further by incorporating techniques of mathematical symmetry and the physics of sound waves into his violin-beatbox compositions.

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