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Gamification - How to make change inevitable and fun | Tom van Dijk | TEDxTwenteU
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Added Jun 22, 2016
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Change of habits and behavior is one of the biggest challenges in most people’s lives. We drink, we smoke and we pollute. And even though we know the consequences, we still don’t change.

In his talk, Tom explains that we can actually break this pattern. With a contagious passion and energy, Tom explains how we can make change not only inevitable, but also … FUN. He grabs your attention with some every day examples and takes you through an case that causes truck drivers to be more fuel efficient, safer drivers and even have joy while doing that!

Tom van Dijk is a Business Consultant who helps large companies innovate. Over the last 3 years he invested 4252 hours in the ultimate solution for behavioral change: Gamification. He discovered that people are willing to change, as long as you give them ‘the right’ motivation to change. Tom published his insight academically, spoke on numerous conferences and drives a movement.. to make our world more motivated and more fun.

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