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Generation Inspired | Garrett Mills & Abigail Koesser | TEDxYouth@Louisburg
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Added Aug 31, 2016
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Garrett & Abby discuss the role of science fiction in past scientific advances & breakthroughs as well as what it means for our generation.

Garrett Mills is a student at Louisburg High School, as well as a full-time geek. He is involved in the Band, Scholars' Bowl, and Debate, and has received the President's Award for Academic Excellence. Garrett is an award-winning application developer, and has worked on numerous projects for more than 6 years. He enjoys running, music much older than he is, and, most notably, science-fiction. Armed with this love for sci-fi, Garrett has participated in a number of robotics competitions, and instructed NXT robotics for 3 years. With his love for technology, he hopes to pursue a career in computer science.

Abby Koesser is a sophomore at Louisburg High School. She has lived in Louisburg her entire life. She is a member of LEOs, yearbook, band, and Spanish Club. Abby has a love of reading and photography. She aspires to be a biochemical engineer someday. She has always had a love of science and hopes to use that in her future career.

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