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Giving Children A Voice | Noa Ovadia | TEDxBGU
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Added Sep 27, 2016
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Usually, the words "self-confident", "good listener", and "well-spoken" aren't used to describe middle- and high-schoolers. Find out how high school debate programs can transform youths' self-image and ability to communicate in this talk by a high school debate coach.

Noa Ovadia is pursuing a degree in Education and Gender Studies at Ben-Gurion University.

She was born in Ramat Gan, but moved to the United States with her family at the age of four. After high school, Noa made Aliyah through Garin Tzabar, which helps youth from abroad come to Israel to serve in the IDF. During her army service, Noa spent three years in Combat Engineering, serving as a mines and demolitions instructor, and later as an Officer of Instruction.

Today, Noa is the President of the Ben Gurion Debate Society, and coaches high school students in debate.

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