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Grammar Nazis don’t know their wrong | Spyros Armostis | TEDxNicosia
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Added Oct 7, 2016
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Spyros Armostis talks about the various language barriers which appear in daily conversation, the 'policing' of grammar nazis, and, the idea that the norm of the language is in fact its actual usage.

Spyros graduated from the University of Cyprus with a bachelor’s degree in Classics. He then pursued postgraduate studies in Linguistics (Phonetics) at the University of Cambridge, where he obtained his MPhil and PhD. His thesis topic was the phonetics of Cypriot Greek geminates.
He has worked as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Cyprus, the Open University of Cyprus, the Cyprus University of Technology, and the European University, Cyprus. His research interests lie in the fields of Phonetics and Phonology, and also include Writing Systems and the history of Greek language. He currently works as a research assistant at the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences, at the Cyprus University of Technology.

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