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Grupo Folklórico | Grupo Folklórico | TEDxLivermore
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Added Aug 29, 2016
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Why was Grupo Folklórico Tlapalli born?
Jose Somoza had danced with the Ballet Folklórico Mexicano de Carlos Moreno from age 10 to age 17. When attending Chabot College, he became involved in M.E.Ch.A, a Chicano student movement founded in the 1960’s. While providing tutoring to local schools, he and other MECHA members were approached to teach some dances for the students' Cinco de Mayo celebration. He had been missing dancing terribly, so he accepted. And Grupo Folklórico Tlapalli was born.
Grupo Folklórico Tlapalli has given many intangibles to the community and to Jose. Members have fallen in love, gotten married and started their own families. Some of the people Jose taught now send him their children to teach. His whole family has been involved. In addition to creating family ties, Grupo Folklórico has provided creative outlet, and is a source of culture and tradition. Accepting students from all ethnic backgrounds also gave a platform for learning from one another.

Grupo Folklórico Tlapalli is a Mexican folk dance group. The group is dedicated to teaching Mexican dance and culture and is made up of two groups, one in Hayward, CA and the other in Livermore, CA. The dancers come in all shapes, sizes, cultures, and ages. This adventure is a family affair - Jose Samoza, the main instructor, has enlisted his parents, sister, aunts, uncles, wife and children to help with the practices and performances.

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