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Moving Beyond the Diploma: Gunnar Counselman at TEDxSF
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Added Dec 5, 2011
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Gunnar founded Fidelis in April 2011 after recognizing a major mismatch between available educational services and the needs of service members transitioning from military to civilian careers. Fidelis is ramping up to provide an end-to-end education solution for the military-to-civilian career transition. Fidelis starts with an analysis of the needs of colleges and companies and leverages new technology to provide customized curriculum, transition coaching, lower-division course credits from leading Universities as well as access to appropriate mentor networks. The core of Fidelis's company placement service is a detailed badge-oriented transcript that includes data that doesn't exist in a traditional transcript, CV or social profile. Fidelis's program will directly measure the specific talents, personality type, interests, knowledge and skills sets mastered along with the students' network and reputation. By doing so, and making the data searchable by companies, Fidelis intends to help a job to seek out the right person rather than a person seeking out the right job.