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Guns, abortion, gay rights, racism, immigration, bathrooms, God, and… | Tom Mitchell | TEDxHerndon
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Added Jun 23, 2016
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These are the topics that Americans love to talk about and to debate ad nauseam. But more importantly, these are the topics we TAKE ACTION on. Billions and billions of dollars are spent annually to lobby both for and against these topics, friends and enemies are made and lost, families divided, fist fights, mass shootings and even wars are fought over this handful of topics.

Tom Mitchell is the founder and director of Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation. Affectionately known as “Tattoo Tom” by the children and families whom he serves. He is a nationally recognized activist and advocate for children with cancer and their families.

Following the death of his daughter Shayla in 2009 from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Tom dedicated his entire life to providing non-medical support to children with cancer and their families. He is committed to raising awareness of the need for more research funding and safer, less toxic treatments for children with cancer.

Dubbing himself and those who work for Stillbrave as “Renegades” Tom is always anxious to share what he’s learned, grown to understand, but refused to accept. His passion, activism, and innate need to be a voice for those who do not have one has led him to the forefront of a grassroots movement.

Natasha Rose Gould, 12, was diagnosed with DIPG - a highly aggressive and difficult to treat brain tumor in children.

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