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Happily ever after | Yuche Su | TEDxDominicanIntlSchool
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Added Jul 4, 2016
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The illusion of a dream can be misconstrued, because it has the ability to permeate our reality and distort our perspectives. The appeal will surely be alluring, but Yuche reminds us that it should never replace the fact that dreams and results take hard work and persistent effort.

Yuche Su (蘇郁哲) is the owner of Paris Truck Co., Solid Design & Mfg., and Jeeping Skate. All three companies are devoted to solely one mission: the design and manufacturing of fun and quality skateboard products. He is a firm believer in "less is more" and "simplicity is beauty". Two good methods to find your way out of life's mirage are (A) instead of figuring out what you should do, first focus on what you should not do and (B) keeping an open-minded attitude and erasing the word "impossible" from your vocabulary. These two simple methods have taken Yuche from his humble beginnings to a satisfying career trotting around the globe and a fulfilling family life. He wishes to share them with you in his TED talk and help speed up your navigation out of your mirage.

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