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Having a "Good" Nature, Having a Good Mood | Mohammad Darvish | TEDxTUMS
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Added Aug 8, 2016
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In this talk, Mr. Darvish talks about a world in which the children are unfamiliar with Hunting; a tree's thirst will concern all the people there. Darvish depicts human society "as a part of Nature" and he further explains that missed happiness, is a result of dissociation with nature and its beauty. "It's impossible to hurt a humankind if you are worried about the other Living creatures."

Mohammad Darvish is one of the greatest desertification combatant in Iran; born in January 24, 1966 – Tehran. He has a BSc in range and watershed management from Tehran University and a MSc in Environment management from Tehran Azad University (Oloom Tahghighat branch). He is the author of more than 70 publications including books and articles related to the environment and desert. Such as: "An Introduction to the method of Desertification assessmsnt in Iran using adopted Criteria and Indicators", "Petroleum Mulches: A Review", "The Role of soil and water salinization on desertification of Mond watershed",... He is the president of NGO and public donations department of Environmental Protection Agency. Darvish is in charge of the study and analysis group studying the features of desertification and representative of the institute of forests and pasture study in sustainable development committee “Tat study organization”.

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