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Hello, I'm Lost | Steve Boerner | TEDxDover
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Added Jul 26, 2016
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Steve tells his story of leaving the corporate world and becoming an entrepreneur while commenting on the many internal struggles each of us go through in pursuing passion and purpose. For Steve, it was the power of a community of mentors and peers that led him to his next business idea and ultimately his purpose in life. It was that same community that gave him the tools and resources to make it a success. Steve shares five simple steps to battle through the internal hardships each of us face when trying to change our lives for the better.

Steve is Founder & President of Hatch House Ventures, a growing network of university-tied startup incubators with locations in Bethlehem, PA, University of Delaware, and Rowan University. Through the process of working closely with these organizations, Hatch House Ventures expanded into offering a software solutions called the Virtual Incubator Network designed to further higher-education entrepreneurship programs.
Steve is an Adjunct Professor of Practice at University of Delaware’s Horn School of Entrepreneurship and an avid public speaker.

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