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How Gender equality is key to reaching UN Goals | Aimen Khaled Malik | TEDxPristinePrivateSchool
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Added Sep 6, 2016
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Aimen Malik, an aspiring global citizen and inherently fascinated in humanitarianism speaks on Gender Equality. “Raise your voice and spread the word” – Listen to her ideas on how we as individuals can make a difference in achieving Global Goals.

Growing up in the generation of globalisation, Aimen Malik is an aspiring global citizen in today's ever changing world. Inherently fascinated by humanitarianism and 'the broader image', Aimen takes great inspiration from the United Nations and its cause. She has spearheaded several major philanthropic events within her school, and through active participation in the local community, she is no stranger to basic event management and philanthropy. Being an active Development Studies student, Aimen is cognisant of her duty as a responsible global citizen to spread awareness about global issues and the world to her peers. Recognising that the United Nations Global Goals are such positive factors in international growth and development, Aimen aims to use this opportunity to educate her peers about how we, as individuals, can make a difference in today's world as successful global citizens by helping achieve the Global Goals.

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