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How I Give Activists a Voice | Helene Aecherli | TEDxBern
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Added Oct 13, 2016
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How can we remain hopeful in a world where atrocities govern the news? Helene Aecherli finds strength in the efforts of activists who continue their struggles to improve their societies. In turn, she provides them with a voice. By telling their stories she lets them know that they are valued and lets her readers know that there is hope in regions beset by violence.

Helene Aecherli was born in Lucerne and is half Swiss, half Swedish. She studied English and Northern languages at Zurich University. Soon after attaining her Master’s Degree, she started working as a journalist. Gender issues, as well as the social, political and religious developments in the countries of the Middle East, especially Jemen, stand at the center of her work. It is her aim to make people heard and visible who are endeavouring to achieve progress in their societies with creative and innovative ideas.

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