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How I experience bliss and access it at will | Suraj Mani | TEDxVITPune
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Added Sep 2, 2016
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Suraj Mani shares with us a mantra to experiences bliss and access it at will. Bliss isn’t something you work for, it’s something you follow; it’s everywhere, you just need to step into the flow.

To music lovers in this country, Suraj Mani is the songwriting force behind some of the most iconic songs in India’s Indie Rock Scene, from ‘Mindstreet’ to ‘Mahabali’. His world-view has fascinated us from his Motherjane days to his new act – The Tattva Trip.
Referred to as ‘India’s Rock Poet’ and ‘Singing Sensei’, this groundbreaking new act is a musical travelogue that uses songs and stories to spark off social conversations. A man who consciously wears many masks, he has won multiple music awards at both national and international forums. He is also the founder-CEO of an HVAC firm (Suraj Mani Engineers Pvt Ltd) and a record label/music production house (Aum-i-Artistes).

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