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How I started my company at age 14 | Kevin Ge | TEDxEdgemontSchool
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Added Aug 1, 2016
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Kevin Ge is a student entrepreneur who founded a juice company at age 14. In this talk, he shares his experience building his company.

Kevin Ge is passionate about producing natural, unadulterated food and beverages for consumers. Starting his business the summer before freshman year, Kevin has transformed his vision of the perfect grape juice into a successful commercial product, Raw Juice. In competitions, Raw Juice has won Silver at the Florida State International Wine and Grape Juice Competition, an equivalent of 80-90 on the Parker Scale. In addition to being a foodpreneur, Kevin is also passionate about bringing decision skills to young people, and is on the Youth Advisory Council of Decision Education Foundation. In his free time, Kevin is active in private and public equity and enjoys high-octane outdoor activities.

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