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How My Mental Illness Saves Lives | Kim Le | TEDxUtica
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Added Oct 6, 2016
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Among the many things I wouldn't have believed one year ago are: 1) that I'd somehow be even remotely responsible for the saving of anyone's life, never mind lives, plural, and 2) that my biggest secret—the longtime eating disorder—would be what sparks my ability to do so.

After 12 years of vehement denial and silent suffering, I was dying in the hospital forced to make the very difficult decision of checking into residential treatment. I was beyond terrified and tried researching what to expect. There was ... nothing. Didn't take long to discover that despite affecting about 70 million people worldwide, the overwhelming stigma still associated with eating disorders prevents open and honest discussion. It was then I began to document my own journey to recovery in hopes of possibly helping others.

Kim N. Le is the creator of, originally an outlet for her to anonymously document her own battles with an eating disorder, but now read by over 50K subscribers and considered a valuable psychologist-recommended resource. She hosts support programming, partners with recovery organizations and is a featured writer on various eating disorder and addiction websites.

Kim loves reading, blogging, volunteering, dance partying, learning, cooking, being outdoors, playing pranks and Marvel.

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