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How We Make Ourselves Understood | Karina Lisboa Basund | TEDxUWCAdriatic
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Added Jul 25, 2016
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[Apologies for the video issues in the first few minutes; one of the cameras stopped working.]

Karina is an 18-year old student currently studying in Italy at the United World College of the Adriatic. Growing up in Norway and being raised by her mother from Chile has from a young age given her a different view of the culture in which she grew up. This sparked her curiosity for cultural diversity and her desire to experience other parts of the world. After graduating from UWC in Italy she will spend eight months in Senegal doing voluntary work. Being a former member of the Youth Council of the City of Førde has made her understand the importance of integrating people in society, and nonetheless the effort it takes to do so. Later, at UWC, she discovered the importance of remaining receptive towards different points of view in building one's understanding of the world. In her talk, she will discuss the essentiality of being understood by others and the way in which we make ourselves understood.

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