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How a new technology come out | Naoto Ohtake | TEDxTitech
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Added Aug 15, 2016
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He researches about materials made of carbon as a professor of an engineering school, and he brings his idea into a business with collaborating with local SMEs. He talks about how a new technology becomes a business through his experience.

Mechanical Engineering Researcher
Prof. at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering
Ph.D (Department of engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology). Got fascinated by carbon materials, and made carbon materials like diamond and carbon nanotubes. Researches the ways in which these high potential materials can be used in the society. Set up the first ever venture company called "iMott Ltd." from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2007 in association with the Ota Ward small and medium scale enterprises. Working on the international standardization of the intermediate material of Diamond and Carbon called DLC (Diamond like carbon) with the motive of putting DLC to practical use.


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