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How can we help by publishing data? | Steven Adler | TEDxTukuy
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Added Jul 14, 2016
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Open Data has the potential to improve public transportation, urban planning, education, government procurement, and many other areas. Steven Adler explains what other applications will Open Data bring in the near future and how it could disrupt all of our notions of traditional government and business roles in society.

Steve Adler has been a leader in data management and innovation for over 20 years. He invented the fields of Data Governance, Enterprise Privacy Architectures, and Internet Insurance. He serves currently as the Chief Data Officer of the City of Medellin, Colombia, and created The Data Cooking Show in Lima to teach data to Peruvian journalists. He is a member of the US Department of Commerce Data Advisory Council, and founder of the Africa Open Data Group. In 2014, he led an international team to collect and publish Open Data to assist West African nations struggling to fight the Ebola outbreak. In creating "Ebola Open Data Repository" the team invented a new category of Open Data called People Data - data collected and published by people without support from governments, corporations, or other institutions. 

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