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How does a feminist pray? | Roxana Dumitrache | TEDxBucharestSalon
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Added Sep 27, 2016
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The world is uneven and the most profound difference, the fundamental one, is not between races,  not between social classes, not even between levels of wealth or education, but still between women and men. We fail to understand that every single experience that we have is dictated or at least shadowed by gender. Even toys create destinies, common expressions are distorting the relationship between genders from an early age and creating patterns of discrimination, school is creating  gender minds as well. Ultimately, the lack of solidarity between women led Roxana to the counter-intuitive conclusion that at times, women tend to be more misogynist than men.  When Roxana speaks about feminism, she speaks about solidarity and believes that there should be a place in heaven for every woman helping another woman.

Feminist Activist | Collaborator, Romanian Cultural Institute | Writer
She says about herself: " I have the intellectual traits of a feminist, but not the ambition of transforming the world. I practice public writing for some time now, with the understanding that crossing from philosophy and political science to literature is, if not a huge step, a form of emotional gymnastics.

Feminism is neither a playground for trained minds, nor a land of fierce fighting against men. It is a critic reconstruction of reality and political projects which should represent an unsegregated humanity. And as much as it tires or upsets me to hear I support feminism to show that the world is sometimes not very friendly to women, I believe feminism can (also) be rescuing. "

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