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How hierarchies help & hamper us in creating great organizations | Markus Reitzig | TEDxFHKufstein
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Added Aug 4, 2016
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You may know the feeling: too many folks seem to care too much about promotions and moving up the corporate ladder. The hierarchy in your workplace exerts an almost gravitational pull towards the top, even among those who never wanted to become bosses initially. But it does not seem to benefit the organization eventually, and creates a divide between the bottom and the top. Markus Reitzig, Professor of Management, explains what hierarchies do to our behavior, and how we should use them effectively to create competitive organizations instead of “boats full of captains with no sailors”.

Markus Reitzig, a professor at the University of Vienna, is focusing on strategic management of innovative business models and new technologies – journals such as Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management Review and McKinsey Quarterly published his articles.

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