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How the Fragmentization of Library Changes Our Way to Read? | Juan Zi | TEDxZhujiangNewTown
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Added Jul 22, 2016
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Have you ever imagined library can be fragmented? It scatters around the city and no more has a area with fixed kilometers. Juanzi, the founder of INlibrary, leverages the concept of uberlization and brings us the new way to live and read.

Israel with 64 books per person per year ranks top 1 in the world regarding the reading rate, while China has only 4.4 books per person per year. How to narrow this huge gap and bring reading back to our daily life? The establishment of INlibrary shows us that reading can happen everywhere. In the future, wherever you are, where the library is.

She values the power of culture in cities and commits herself to propel the socialization and commercialization of libraries in a creative way as well as to build up a sustainable developing environment of library-reading. In 2010, she started the Green Tomato----the first Chinese O2O library project and created a sign of public reading space----“INLIBRARY”. At the moment, the Green Tomato has established a free book-borrowing network with more than 1500 “INLIBRARY” spots which covers a range of over 60 large and medium-sized cities nationally.

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