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How to Invent the Future? - | Dr. Mike North | TEDxShanghai
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Added Oct 5, 2016
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“To me when I think about ideas, I look at where life is a little out of balance, and how we can correct that.”

TEDxShanghai May 2016
theme : Balance

Dr. Mike North
Skunkworks Creator
Dr. North holds bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in science and engineering with focuses on mechanical design, rapid prototyping, biomimetics, and nanotechnology. He has been published in a half a dozen major scientific journals, including the journal Nature, and continues to speak internationally on design and innovation. Mike masterminded builds on the Discovery Channel show ‘Prototype This!’, where he led teams of scientists, builders, and engineers to invent the future. He’s taught innovation at UC Berkeley, is creating systems for a more equitable planet as the founder of ReAllocate, co-founded the Burning Man camp IDEATE, and has a rapid prototyping and storytelling firm with clients ranging from Intel to Tesla to USAID. North is currently producing and hosting his own Discovery Digital Show called ‘In The Making’, hosts the Discovery VR show ‘The Potentialists’, and co-hosts The Science Channel Show ‘Outrageous Acts of Science’.

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