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How to face new scientific technologies | Shoko TAKAHASHI | TEDxYouth@Kobe
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Added Jul 8, 2016
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The advanced technology to grasp data not by points but by lines
When a new scientific technology appears, arguments for and against may
In order to create a better future by using a new technology, what kind of attitude
should we take to face it? TAKAHASHI Shoko, a female Ph.D. researcher on
genomics shows how to face new technologies. She learned to how to do
it through her research life and her experience of starting a new business.

After she graduated from Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University in 2010, she completed her Ph.D. at Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo. In June 2013, while she was studying at the graduate school, she founded Genequest Inc. which provides genome analysis service using DNA chip.
It is the first Japan-based large-scale individual gene analysis service, which allowed to provide clients with gene information on risks and predispositions related to diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.
Now, her attempt is drawing attention from both fields of business and research.

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