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How to grow from local to global | Egor Zaikin | TEDxNovosibirsk
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Added Aug 5, 2016
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Have you ever dreamed about an event organized by you, which would have reached the heights of space. Literally. Siberian Egor Zaikin didn't only dream, but actually did it. In 2016 his project 'Total Dictation' turned from a local initiative in the middle of Siberia into a global action, which took place in 6 continents, 45 countries, 19 time zones, in the water of Baltic sea & even in space (with the help of astronauts of International Space Station).

Coordinator of a global educational project Total Dictation.

How cool is that? But the coolest part is Egor Zaikin persuades everyone can do it. You can do it also. During his TEDx Talk Egor opens three secrets of managing global events. Now the best practices are available & you can discover how to grow your own small project into a well-known event even if you live in a quite place (not under a big city lights).

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