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How to manage reindeers and people | Ulrika Andreasson | TEDxÖstersund
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Added Oct 7, 2016
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The power of positive reinforcement.

In this film Ulrika Andreasson and Rudolf the reindeer show how clicker training is a gamechanger for both people and animals, and tell the story of how big dreams and small steps create possibilities where it was'nt expected!

There is a widely spread idea that to control your pets you need to force them into obedience. This film will show why this is not necessary.

Ulrika Andreasson has trained animals her whole life. It was when she learned about clicker training, a method based on positive reinforcement, her relationship with her animals changed. Her core principles are motivation, cooperation, and respect for the individual, which works with both animals and people.

Ulrika Andreasson bought reindeers to develop her passion for animal training into a carrier, and still get to live in her small village in Jämtland, Sweden. She is now an entrepreneur and animal trainer by profession, and her reindeers have had assignments for international events as well as in commercials and films.

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