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How to predict everything - even who dies next in Game of Thrones | Guy Yachdav | TEDxTUMSalon
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Added Sep 6, 2016
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Machine Learning algorithms are routinely used to find hidden patterns in e.g. genomic data. But what if you used Machine Learning to get answers to questions that interest you personally? Guy Yachdav set out to ask the data something that was keeping him up at night: which of the characters in his favorite television series would die next? His colleagues and students developed a set of algorithms to predict, with surprising accuracy, which of the characters of Game of Thrones was likely to be killed off. In this talk, he shares their journey and the discoveries they made.

Dr. Guy Yachdav believes that data is the key to understanding and solving problems that affect every single aspect of our lives. Through the use of advanced algorithms and high-performance computing, he works on burning questions from a variety of domains. Whether you are interested in protein folding or who dies next on your favorite TV show, he believes that data can help you reveal the answer. Guy has a multidisciplinary academic background in the life sciences (PhD, Technical University of Munich, Germany), business (Executive MBA, Columbia Business School) and technology (BSc Computer Science, Columbia).

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