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How to re-wild agriculture, and why it is worth our while | David James | TEDxYakimaSalon
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Added Aug 4, 2016
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David James reintroduces us to the concept of agriculture is nature. He takes us on a journey through his experiences and research in seeking approaches to control harmful insects in agriculture with beneficial ones by introducing the natural environment into modern agriculture. David’s background as a naturalist, and passion and keen interest in beneficial natural insects clearly articulates the value of our natural systems coexisting with modern food production.

David G. James PhD, developed a passion for entomology at the age of 8 by rearing caterpillars in his bedroom. He studied Zoology at the University of Salford, then migrated to Australia to work for the New South Wales Department of Agriculture on ways of controlling agricultural pests like locusts and mites. A PhD on the winter biology of Monarch butterflies in Sydney followed and a career as a biocontrol scientist in horticulture blossomed. David developed successful conservation biological control systems for stink bugs in citrus and mites in pasture, grapes and peaches.

In 1999 David became an Associate Professor at Washington State University and advanced conservation biological control of insect and mite pests of hops and grapes. David’s published 180 peer-reviewed scientific papers and in 2011 he co-authored and published a widely-acclaimed book on life histories of Pacific Northwest butterflies which renowned British naturalist David Attenborough called 'Magisterial'.

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