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How your clothes can prevent human trafficking! | Joana Reiterer | TEDxDonauinsel
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Added Sep 14, 2016
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In my perfect world, I would personally sew my clothes, grow my coffee bean and cocoa for chocolate at my backyard. But we rely on people far away to produce this for us. High retailers, wholesalers and/or sales agents margins, overheads, promotion cost, and many more cost limits the actual income earned by the people making these products. What if you went an extra mile to know that person, to be part of their lives, to give their manpower more value and shop directly as possible?

Born in southern Nigeria, where a large number of youths live in vulnerable situation and later spending over 10 years counselling victims of human trafficking in Europe, it was very hard for me to ignore the factors that make young people become vulnerable to this crime. With this knowledge, we developed Joadre, to use fashion as a tool to improve the livelihood of vulnerable groups.

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