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Human | Quinn Lozar | TEDxRBHigh
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Added Aug 2, 2016
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In a moving opening talk setting the tone for the rest of presentations at TEDxRBHS, professional spoken word poet and actor Quinn Lozar discusses how our profit and grade-dependent system fails to identify, value, and nurture the human aspects of the citizens it was built to serve. In a society where metrics pretend to know whether a child will be successful, an employee is worth keeping, or a product has value, our culture runs the risk of analyzing creativity out of its future. No diamond is perfect. The key is to see that it is our flaws that make us human.

Quinn Lozar is a versatile actor, speech and debater, and performer with experience in Kung Fu, NHS, Internship Academy, and Academic League. He has been in several plays, performing in both principle and ensemble roles, and has won numerous Speech & Debate awards at both regional and state level. He has been nationally recognized for his spoken word poetry and has co-founded a Spoken Word Poetry Club at his school. He is also excited to be apart of San Diego's Emerging Fringe Festival and La Paloma's Full Moon Poets this year. As a public speaker, Quinn is passionate about inspiring others to explore their creative side, to take chances, and foster a nonjudgmental attitude toward others. He is grateful to his teachers, parents, and to all those who have created opportunities for him to express his thoughts and learn from others.

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