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Humanity in Action: Christoph von Toggenburg at TEDxZurich
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Added Nov 30, 2012
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"If one attempts to make the world a better place one must begin with very small things. We must learn to understand that actions, no matter how small they are, can lead to great changes." February 2002, Desert Lut, South Iran In our daily lives we are often overwhelmed with the problems that are brought to our attention. Bad news prevails which often leads to people feeling immobilised. Christoph found that the best way to tackle problems is by looking at their source and realising that no obstacle is too high to overcome. Driven since childhood by the desire to improve lives of people in need, Christoph combines his passion for sports, communication and the use of technology to give people a voice. Since more than a decade he raises awareness through his humanitarian expeditions to the plight of those in need and raises funds for projects offering help. Every new initiative (re-)confirms to him how much power one individual can develop and the impact one can have if power is used positively. It does not help to feel sorry for someone in need or to look away but it is important to translate such feelings into actions and to make use of what we all have: Energy. Christoph will tell us why this is relevant for everyone and why everything comes back to energies and actions. His message is not about heroism or extreme situations but about human strength, successes, failures, encounters and empathy. Christoph von Toggenburg is a humanitarian globetrotter who has been active ...