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I Love Pleasure | Tiffany Anton | TEDxVermilionStreet
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Added Oct 17, 2016
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How can we find pleasure in a pleasure saturated world? Tiffany Anton discusses the societal pressures and misconceptions associated with erotic pleasure and how to reconnect with the experience of true pleasure.

Tiffany Anton earned her Master of Social Work Degree from Loyola University Chicago in 2000. She completed extensive training in sexual therapy at Loyola University Sexual Dysfunction Clinic and has continued advancing her training in the field. Practicing for over 15 years, Tiffany’s passion is to help people who find themselves in relational and individual sexual challenges in areas covering libido, arousal, erectile dysfunction, vulvar pain disorders, sexless marriages and more. She is the co-creator of “Sex and the Therapist Couch: Helping psychotherapist’s increase their comfort and understanding in handling the hot topic of sex in their office.” Her mission is to provide expert services with compassion and empowerment in a personalized, confidential and ethical manner. Tiffany prides herself as a mother, wife, friend, horse lover, social activist and community advocate.

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