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I am a Cannabis Farmer | Chirag Tekchandaney | TEDxBESC
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Added Jul 4, 2016
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Hemp was not always in the shadows, there was a time it was one of the most widely used material in almost every industry. But due to the social in-acceptance of its cousin, it came into a bad light, BOHECO is trying to give hemp its former glory back.

He believes that, in order to make a big change for oneself and the world one lives in, the path less trodden has to be walked on. BOHECO fulfills every aspect of that. He is responsible for developing a robust market for industrial hemp-based products in the currently nascent markets of South Asia. Chirag has attained experience as a Business Development Specialist, and worked on several strategic turnaround projects. He earned his Masters of Commerce having specialized in Accountancy from H.R. College where he served as President of the Rotaract Club.

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